The full Mercor Finance platform release at the beginning of 2022 has been a great start of the year for the Mercor team and community. Mercorians (Mercor users) have been using the full version of the Mercor platform for two months now, and so far, it has been a blast!

To summarize the platform in its entirety, below is a recap of what came to the Mercor platform during its full launch.

Telegram Bot

Mercor kicked off its full launch with the release of the official Mercor Telegram Bot.

This bot allows Mercorians to keep track of their portfolio, funds, and current investments at all times. All this without having to open your browser (everything within Telegram), but above all, without any effort. Subscribing to this bot will provide you with daily updates.

To start the Mercor Telegram bot, search @MercorBot in Telegram bot and press ‘Start’, at the bottom of the chat. For a complete guide on the Bot, click here.

The Telegram bot was received with great praise. In the meantime, our development team tweaked the bot in order to alter its performance and improve the user experience.

Mercor’s Unique Staking System

Arguably one of the most significant features that came to the platform was our staking system. Mercorians can earn passive income through Mercor by investing in trading strategies on the platform. In addition, staking $MRCR tokens provides holders with an additional source of passive income. The staking protocol is designed in a way that is never seen before in the DeFi world. To read everything about it, click here.

A visualization of how the fees are distributed

Multi Token Trading Algorithms

The distribution of an example multi token algorithm

Next to the staking system, the activation of multi token algorithms was one of the biggest events that came to Mercor.

These types of algorithms trade in up to 50 tokens simultaneously. Such algorithmic trading strategies significantly increase the probability of higher short- and long-term gains. Read everything about the multi token algorithms here.

Premium Algorithms

Premium algorithms are trading strategies, which are hand-picked by the Mercor team, providing the ultimate value to the Mercor user. With the full launch, Mercor intensified the partnerships with renowned developers on the platform and released numerous premium algorithms. Click here to check out all premium algorithms currently deployed on the platform. More coming soon!

The latest partnership is with Boosting Alpha, a leading hedge fund in the algorithmic trading field. Mercor visited their offices and did an AMA with them. Check it out below!

Updated UX/UI

The developments behind the scenes won’t be as valuable without the proper interface. This is why the front-end development team worked tirelessly to provide the Mercor users with a smoothly-running and sleek looking platform. At Mercor, we are always improving which is why the full launch is just the beginning!