Tired of freelance back-end development? Looking to brush up on your programming skills? Want to be on the cutting-edge of cryptocurrency? With our upcoming platform, Mercor Finance is offering professionals and hobbyists alike access to algorithmic trading — a resource traditionally reserved for large-scale investors and hedge-fund managers — and the advantages of passive income generation.

Mercor empowers these developers and eradicates the issues mentioned above through a novel mix of developer tools, a free market, and a network with best-in-class speed and security.

A Platform of the Masses

In this stressful market, a new company, our platform, promises to ease your mind with the passive income generator you’ve always wanted. With access to an interactive, social environment, developers and traders are brought together in a way never before achieved, free from interference from centralized bodies. With its unique brand of innovation, Mercor Finance is bringing algorithmic trading to the masses.

All The Tools You Need

Citing belief in the power of people, education, and ease of use, we aim to promote teamwork and creativity to attract a diverse audience of developers; students, hobbyists, and professionals alike are provided a platform to build algorithms using Mercor’s selection of analytical tools, back-testing capabilities, and exclusive data. Developers working in Mercor environments will also benefit from access to pre-made functions, Mercor Academy tutorials, and other educational tools.

The platform is comprised of three main components: the developer environment, investor environment, and trading app. The developer environment is specifically designed for the construction of algorithms. Supporting and promoting AI-based algorithms, AI packages inclusive of Pytroch, TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn and Keras.

Through these metrics, Mercor offers developers an entire ecosystem of tools at the tips of their fingers to take control over their income.

A Dev-Driven Free Market

Mercor supports the idea of a free-market economy by allowing developers to retain control of their intellectual property, how it’s built and deployed, and how much traders are charged to its developers. Developer-set fees means that developers of popular, high-performing algorithms are compensated accordingly, stirring up a perfect storm of competition, innovation, and efficiency.

Developers receive a direct commission, paying a percentage of earnings back to Mercor dependent upon the total volume of trades completed using the algorithm and the computational power required to support it. Commissions earned can be withdrawn by developers at their leisure, and may be used to acquire more advanced development tools, including additional data sets, development packages, and third-party integrations.

Your Algorithms are Secure With Mercor

At Mercor, the importance of security is second to none. Stored algorithms are restricted to only produce output signals to the trading app, providing protection against potential threats.

Overall, the unique mix of high-level security, trading tools, and free-flowing market offered by our innovative democratized trading platform, fuels the perfect environment for all levels of developers to earn themselves an income they can genuinely call their own.

Looking Toward the Future

With the recent launch and conclusion of a successful alpha test phase, Mercor is on track for a public beta release in the fall of this year, and its official launch in the Winter. Hobbyists and professionals alike can look forward to harnessing Mercor’s suite of impressive resources, computational power, and interactive, social environment to develop and trade with unprecedented ease.

About Mercor

Mercor looks to be a radical disruptor by democratizing the algorithmic trading market. Mercor supplies developers with an enticing platform and environment to create their own algorithms; after testing, these algorithms are then utilized by investors. Thereby producing a system where investors and developers work in reciprocity. All of this makes Mercor an unparalleled platform cultivating algorithmic trading growth, development, and most importantly, accessibility like no other.