Automated trading is by no means a new concept. However, historically, it has not been a tool easily accessed by retail traders. Large financial institutions have used advanced trading algorithms for years to optimize their positions in the market, while everyday investors are left to operate on instinct and with limited capital.

When analyzing the cryptocurrency market, we can see that the higher levels of volatility have a deleterious effect on the challenges traders face. And when combining this with emotions like stress and anxiety, it does not end well financially.

The “Human” Problem in Crypto Trading

Humans are not immune to emotion-based decision-making, and in crypto, that’s a costly mistake. Inexperienced traders often develop the habit of chasing a trend on a chart, which consists of buying into a cryptocurrency when the price is already too high, only to ride the dip back down.

Humans also do not self optimize. We’re inherently slow to adapt when things aren’t going the way we want them to, and while we may start with a strict set of trading rules, they often get abandoned when panic or FOMO sets in. Another challenge investors face with crypto is our basic human needs like food and sleep. Traders can spend all day staring at their position on a chart, only to wake up the following day and see missed opportunities, or worse, wake up to a massive loss of income.

The Mercor Advantage

Now, even investors with limited capital can enjoy the same benefits that big institutions do. The Mercor Platform disrupts and democratizes the algorithmic trading market by creating an ecosystem connecting investors to crypto algorithm developers. This entails automated trading that can enter and exit many positions based on accurate market data, free of emotion or stress-based decision making.

These self-learning algorithms are programmed to spot market patterns and adapt to fluctuations rather than react to them due to FOMO. They also function during the entire 24-hour trading cycle, allowing you to capitalize on otherwise missed opportunities and protect your portfolio from unexpected dips.

An Equal-Opportunity Ecosystem

Mercor is far more than a typical trading platform. It removes the common barriers retail traders face and creates a community atmosphere that provides them with tools that were once deemed out-of-reach and only accessible to a select few institutions. Thus, Mercor provides passive income at a higher level than the active income humans may achieve trading themselves and finally allows the layman a chance against the smart money.

About Mercor

Mercor looks to be a radical disruptor by democratizing the algorithmic trading market. Mercor supplies developers with an enticing platform and environment to create their own algorithms; after testing, these algorithms are then utilized by investors. Thereby producing a system where investors and developers work in reciprocity. All of this makes Mercor an unparalleled platform cultivating algorithmic trading growth, development, and most importantly, accessibility like no other.

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By Mitchell Keller — Edited by Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran and Aydan Flemmings — Lead Graphic by Caelan Flemmings — GD10.Ventures — Marketing division: enquiries