OnePunch Algo is a developer firm on the Mercor platform. They have over 7 years of experience in creating trading strategies. In their years, they have built numerous algorithms for crypto & equity markets. Their strategies utilize the latest trends in the cryptocurrency space and are aimed to beat the market.

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The Mercor Developer AMA Series

Mercor values transparency and education highly. We like to keep our community up to date and as informed as possible. That’s why we are hosting an official Mercor series: the Mercor Developer AMA series.
Given their extensive expertise and after achieving incredible results, we figured OnePunch Algo would be a fitting candidate for the Mercor developer AMA series.

In this article, we will set out last week’s AMA, held in the Mercor community chat. The article will give you an insight into a prime developer on the Mercor platform. The AMA was a great success and gave exclusive insights into the benefits of algo trading. Below is a detailed summary of what was covered in the AMA. Enjoy reading!


Mercor CEO:
It is time for another developer AMA! This time with the OnePunch Algo team!

The OnePunch Algo team owns several algorithms for Crypto & Equity markets. Their newest and most popular algorithm is the One Punch Algo Momentum (OPAM) strategy which is designed to utilize the latest trends in the current crypto market. One of the best strategies for Short squeeze, momentum, hype, and high volatility crypto coins.

In the past 3 years, OnePunch Algo has outperformed all the crypto coins BUY & HOLD Value. Which is extremely impressive.

As you may know, the format of the AMA will be as follows: we will mute the chat for the first part of the AMA where we will ask several questions to OnePunch Algo. After which we will open up the chat and you will be able to ask questions directly.

The best question will receive a 0.5 BNB investment reward!

Mercor CEO:
OnePunch Algo, thank you for being here!

OnePunch Algo:
Hey 👋 thank you for having me.

Mercor CEO:
Please introduce yourself and give us some information about your background and experience!

OnePunch Algo:

OnePunch Algo:
Hello, my name is Washeen, and I am from the USA. I am a full-stack developer with over 10 years of web programming and applications development experience. I own a couple of local businesses in the USA, including one of the top marketing companies that do automation and search engine optimization for companies.

Mercor CEO:
Great and impressive resume, your knowledge aside from crypto has definitely helped us in the past!

So talking about algorithms, how and when did you get involved in algorithmic trading?

OnePunch Algo:
While I was in university for programming, I started a semester project studying big data and machine learning search queries using python and jQuery. I think that’s when I first got involved in algorithmic trading.

But the road to algorithmic trading came to me through my father’s trading skills, when I was a 10-year-old kid watching my father who knows what stocks to buy but never knew what is the right time to sell. So I always thought to myself “what if something signals my father that this is a good time to sell?” — I was obsessed with finding that something.

Mercor CEO:
You started extremely young, when did you realize this dream of creating these signals for the first time?

OnePunch Algo:
I developed the first OnePunch Algo in 2017 as a signal provider for stocks to buy and sell.

I tested it for 2 years before I started selling subscriptions for these alerts. And then many clients who joined throughout the years suggested and audited the signals and gave me so many ideas for improvement. So the Algo developed and branched into over 15 Algorithms as of today. Some do scalping that is very successful with Binance future with low fees. We also continue to do backtesting and forward testing for all of our Algorithms. Our data provide very successful results. These algorithms are continuing to grow. The oldest algorithm is currently at 587 versions internally.

Mercor CEO:
Your algorithms went to an amazing learning curve, which is great to see.

So talking about OnePunch Algo, what is the story and mission behind OnePunch Algo?

OnePunch Algo:
The name was taken from a Japanese Anime called OnePunch Man. The hero beats everything in one punch. So I wanted to beat the market in every way possible lol. And I loved that series so the combination is a product of the OnePunch ALGO brand name.

“Our mission is to beat annual buy and hold of any given stock or crypto by x10”

Mercor CEO:
We love that series too, great name and great mission.

What do your algorithms focus on? How do the algorithms of OnePunch Algo differ from other algorithms?

OnePunch Algo:
OnePunch Algo momentum (OPAM) which is listed in Mercor was built in 2020 and currently, it is in its 76th version internally.

OPAM focus is on “Public Momentum”. This Algorithm is different because it does not use moving averages to identify momentum but it uses over 5 momentum signals which I would like to keep secret. Also, it is built to outperform market conditions and it comes with an inbuilt risk management system that triggers based on factors that should be met based on current market trends. In bear markets, it tries to stay away most of the time but looks for entries based on factors provided to it. But in a bullish market, it does catch all the hyper jumps, so the combination is very profitable.

Mercor CEO:
Thank you for the in-depth clarification, this brings a lot of value to many investors.

Mercor CEO:
How long does it take to develop a strategy? And how many people are involved in this stage of development?

OnePunch Algo:
With our experience, we can develop a strategy within a couple of weeks but auditing needs to be thorough and needs at least 6 months’ worth of data minimum, including bear and bullish markets conditions.

For OPAM I am the leading developer of the algorithm followed by a code cleaner and an optimizer. And then we have an internal auditing team consisting of 4 day traders to use signals to do manual trading and compare the results with the backtesting. Then we also use volunteer beta testers from the fans and subscribers. We already have to audit the new Algo’s or version upgrades.

Mercor CEO:
It’s good to see that you take the time to audit your algorithm and analyze its performance over a longer period.

Talking about these algorithms, could you share some performance history of your algorithms?

OnePunch Algo:

Racausdt 2021 -08 to date performance:

a. OPAM (0.25% Mercor Fees) Roi 1070% vs Buy and hold Roi 207%

b. OPAM (0.04% Binance futures fees) ROI 3355% without leverage

Sfpusdt 2021–02 to date performance:

a. OPAM (0.25% Mercor fees) Roi 217% vs Buy and Hold Roi -68%

b. OPAM (0.04% Binance futures fees) ROI 6374% without leverage

Winusdt 2021–01 to date performance:

a. OPAM (0.25% Mercor fees) Roi 931% vs Buy and Hold Roi 309%

b. OPAM(0.04% Binance futures fees) ROI 9413% without leverage

DM me for CSV files of these trades or to get other crypto results or more data.

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One Punch Algo (OPAM) for SFPBUSD, one of OnePunch’s strategies trading on the Mercor platform

Mercor CEO:
We of course had a look at these results in the past and they are extremely impressive!
Now let’s talk about Mercor, what do you think of the Mercor platform, its functionalities, the team and its ambitions?
OnePunch Algo:
Mercor platform is gonna be a game changer. There are few auto trading crypto platforms out there, Mercor is already beating them all.
I love the commitment from the team and they are always here to answer your questions, not many communities do that. This is really a great thing, customer obsession.
Mercor roadmap talks about centralized exchanges integration and I think this is going to change how everyone looks at Mercor Tokens with its low supply availability.
I personally believe Mercor to be a x100 coin.
Mercor CEO:
Thank you for the great feedback and for the value you are adding to the platform and our community.
So if you had to guess what is the next big thing within the crypto space according to you?
OnePunch Algo:
We think the next big thing in crypto space will be the World Wide Web based on blockchain which is known as web3.0, creators and artists are going to utilize this technology a lot and then comes web3.0 based social networks for privacy protection and secure data. I think this will blow out soon. The OPAM team has been collecting crypto coins around web3.0 for a while now. NFT and metaverse are all surrounded around web3.0, more growth for those means more growth for the technology.
Mercor CEO:
Couldn’t agree more, so if we’re invested in OnePunch Algo’s we should be fine 😉
OnePunch Algo:
Haha yes sir.
Mercor CEO:
I will now open up the chat for the community! If there are any questions from the community please go ahead!
The prize for the best question is 0.5 BNB investment credit!
M F, [Mercor community member]:
What made you decide to move from traditional markets to crypto?
OnePunch Algo:
Great question. Actually, the growth potential compared to traditional stocks, in crypto is huge. Then comes the volatility. Specially OPAM has shown 200–300% biggest one-time wins because of these volatilities in this market. I think that’s the main reason we decide to move to the crypto space. But we have a small division still working for traditional markets around bio and pharma.
M F, [Mercor community member]:
Alright, thanks! Good AMA
Manu El, [Mercor community member]:
Hi OnePunch Algo, about versioning, what drives the decision to release a new version of the algo and how does an investor know that a new version of the algo has been released?
OnePunch Algo:
Hey Manu, another good question.
We are constantly looking to improve our algorithms. And we have branches of each algorithm that is getting tested and audited with auto and manual trades. If we find a version outperforming the previous version then we do a merger and announce it to our email subscribers at website and we do ask our subscribers if we want to merge or convert it into a new Algo with a new name.
We do have OPAM v2 as a stand alone and OPAM in Mercor is the v3.
Mercor CEO:
Well, it looks like your answers have been extremely clear and not many questions remain. In any case, you are always present in this chat and people are able to ask you questions whenever!
I will be closing the AMA now and would like to thank you for your time and everything you do for Mercor.
@ManuxEl congratulations on winning the best question prize! Please send me a DM with your BSC address.
OnePunch Algo:
Awesome. Thank you guys. Always send me a DM if you guys have questions and I am happy to answer all.
Mercor CEO:
Many thanks for the great AMA!
Wrap Up
The community got exclusive insights into the methods of our beloved bot creators and got to chat directly with the creators of these profit machines! One of Mercor’s main goals is to make algorithmic trading accessible for everybody by building a bridge between talented developers and expert algo traders and everyday investors. This AMA series is a prime example of doing just so!
The Mercor team enjoyed the AMA to the fullest and loved to see the engagement between investors and developers. On to the next one!