What is the one thing institutional investors and big banks fear the most? Simple. It’s retail traders like yourself having access to the tools they utilize daily. Tools like advanced trading algorithms, that allow them to enjoy record-high profits and record low vulnerability in volatile markets such as crypto.

Decentralized finance should permit ordinary traders to take back control and participate in a peer-to-peer financial ecosystem. However, the involvement of big institutions in the crypto market, combined with the monopoly they hold on algorithmic trading, has caused the balance of power in DeFi to shift heavily in their favor. This leaves retail traders to pick up the pieces after unexpected shifts in the market — shifts that they were most likely well ahead of.

How AI Trading Impacts the Crypto Market

Although trading algorithms are not yet used as frequently in DeFi as in traditional finance, they are becoming increasingly popular. AI can predict market trends before changes become too impactful and maximize one’s position with incalculable speed and pinpoint accuracy. Executing multiple trades at the same time and programmed to capitalize on opportunities 24 hours a day.

What Our Partnership with BlockBank Means for the Mercor Community

Like Mercor, BlockBank is a true advocate for the empowerment of retail traders through the advent of AI. Their state-of-the-art mobile app features a full suite of functions that include fiat currency transactions such as credit card operations and personal banking, as well as decentralized apps that give traders a competitive edge when participating in the DeFi ecosystem. The latter includes Robo-advisory, Real-time market activity analysis, Personalized risk profiling, Trade execution, Price prediction, and now, direct access to the Mercor platform.

As a result of our partnership, BlockBank will get access to a Mercor extension on their app, enabling their rapidly growing community of 45K users to invest in advanced trading algorithms.

Community Growth and Empowerment

This partnership will benefit and grow both communities as more of our users will be introduced to BlockBank’s revolutionary app and vice versa. Ultimately, it will bring much-needed attention to the power of algorithmic trading in crypto and its role in the success of retail traders.

About BlockBank

BlockBank is developing an AI-powered, traditional mobile banking experience with seamless crypto integration. BlockBank puts user security and privacy at the forefront while offering a turn-key crypto application that simplifies the user experience. They combine the best of DeFi and CeFi worlds in one place, incorporating patented AI technology to bring financial empowerment to clients.

About Mercor

Mercor looks to be a radical disruptor by democratizing the algorithmic trading market. Mercor supplies developers with an enticing platform and environment to create their own algorithms; after testing, these algorithms are then utilized by investors. Thereby producing a system where investors and developers work in reciprocity. All of this makes Mercor an unparalleled platform cultivating algorithmic trading growth, development, and most importantly, accessibility like no other.

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