Hi everyone and welcome to the Crypto Daily Markets Review show with us Mercor Finance. 📈 Copy Trade The OnePunch ALGO Scalper 👉🏻 https://bit.ly/onepunch-scalper-mercor

Mercor is the first and only DeFi platform that offers algorithmic copy trading. The Mercor platform allows you to directly invest in algorithms created by leading hedge funds, talented developers, and crypto enthusiasts.

📈About the Algo Trading Company:

OnePunch Algo team own several algorithms for Crypto & Equity markets. The latest and greatest algorithm we are introducing in Mercor platform is called “One Punch Algo Momentum”. One Punch Algo Momentum (OPAM) strategy is design to utilize latest trends in the current crypto market. This is one of the best strategy for Short squeeze, momentum, hype and high volatility crypto coins. When combine with an auto-trading bots, this will create huge gains without even using leverage. – Algorithm watches the paired coins 24/7 and as soon as it catches a momentum/strength/hype it will place the trades. In the past 3 years, OnePunch ALGO has out performed all the crypto coins BUY & HOLD Value. Best viewed with 3months/6months and 1 year results.

🔥Learn more at https://app.mercor.finance/investor/dev_page/0x865f11Fa11D9311bc57B56097B6485A6cad81D95