Mercor Finance Announces Full Launch Details

Mercor Finance Announces Full Launch Details

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here! Mercor Finance is getting ready for its full launch! We know that Mercorians worldwide are eagerly waiting to use the world’s best algorithmic trading platform to its fullest. Hence, we have been working overtime to ensure that the platform is absolutely flawless. In the spirit of transparency, we want to keep our users in the loop about the latest progress.

The democratization of algorithmic trading is no easy feat. Making sure our platform is accessible, user-friendly, high-performing, and intuitive is amongst our top priorities. Our ambitions came at a cost as we have had to tackle some intricate technical challenges. Luckily, Mercor is blessed with a uniquely talented team of developers that turn dreams into reality.

As most of you know, our Beta launched on September 27th testing the fluidity and functionalities of our platform and its smart contracts. As we hoped and expected, the platform was immensely successful and showed itself capable of delivering.

The algorithms deployed on the platform made unmatched profits, which made hundreds of ‘Mercorians’ (Mercor-users) extremely satisfied.

Even during bearish market conditions, the algorithms showed impressive results. Lots of trading bots continued to make profit while the market went down, and plenty of them stayed stable during rapidly crashing markets. No stress at Mercor Finance.

While we loved the appraisal and positive comments about our Beta launch, we were more focused on addressing the minor technical bugs that users encountered and the constructive feedback about our user interface. We are happy to announce that the Mercorians’ wishes have been fulfilled and these issues have since been smoothed out. This finally brings us to the full launch!

Are you ready for the launch?

Mercor already delivered a unique beta product and is now preparing to release the fine-tuned, full version of the Mercor platform.

We will be delivering the launch in increments over the coming 30 days. This is to ensure that our launch will be as seamless as possible. The release will bring killer features to the platform. Those who kept an eye on our roadmap had a sneak peek of some great add-ons that are coming to the Mercor platform. Starting with the release of a Telegram bot, followed by staking rewards, and launching multi-token algorithms, these are arguably three of the most significant services.

Approaching the full launch, we will shed light on those features by publishing (bi)weekly articles. In those articles, we will explain in detail what those features exactly encompass and how they will add to the Mercor platform, and eventually to your portfolio.

Full Launch is here!

The vast majority of projects in crypto are here today and gone tomorrow. Mercor, on the other hand, is a sustainable project that’s here to stay. Mercor adds value for both the long term and the short term.

At Mercor, we strive to emphasize our value for transparency and active communication. That’s why we are available to chat 24/7 via platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, email, you name it.

We promised to bring you the full platform launch in Q4, 2021. We worked tirelessly to fulfill our promise and encountered unexpected hurdles along the way. Now, we show you our commitment to transparency and can proudly announce that the start of the full launch will take place on December 21st, kicking off with the Telegram Bot and completing with Multi Token Algorithms, on January 10th, 2022.

The functionalities will release on the following dates:

Mercor Telegram Bot — December 21st, 2021

Mercor Staking Rewards — January 1st, 2022

Full Launch — Mercor Multi Token Algorithms — January 10th, 2022

In between these dates, we will have many other functionalities released. This gradual approach has multiple benefits especially in terms of marketing, as we are launching immense campaigns as of January to celebrate the completion of our full launch on the 10th of January.

We would like to thank our community, our users, and everyone who has been supporting Mercor Finance. We cannot wait to show you all the new functionalities. Enjoy the holiday season and don’t forget: your biggest present comes right after the holidays!

Mercor — Trading made easy

For those who are unfamiliar with Mercor Finance — Mercor Finance makes automated trading easy by offering the first decentralized bot trading marketplace.

Talented developers, hedge funds, hobbyist-programmers, traders and anyone else is able to create and deploy trading algorithms on the Mercor platform. These algorithms may sound complex, but in reality, they are your friends. Why? Because they trade your funds without you having to do anything (besides staking your funds in the algo’s of course). Because they trade when you can’t, when you don’t feel like it, or when you don’t know what to do. Bots don’t experience emotions, bad days, or other outdated humanlike features; and, bots are always loaded with the most accurate data and stay consistent at all times. Those are just a few of the many benefits algorithmic trading bots have to offer.

Did we tell you that the profits run up to 60%, sometimes nearly 80% in only one month?

Did we tell you that most of the algo’s stay stable during bear trends? Did we tell you that multi-pair algorithms — which are coming with the full launch — are doing even crazier numbers in general? Now we did.

Mercor makes trading crypto easy and effortless. Visit the platform, pick an algorithm to your liking, kick back, and relax. Don’t miss out!