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about mercor

Mercor aims to democratize the algorithmic trading market.

Mercor disrupts financial markets by building a bridge between algorithmic trading and every-day investors worldwide

Investor Environment

Orientate, compare, select and invest. Traders can easily access and analyze different trading algorithms.

Developer Environment

Create, host and deploy your own algorithms. Access exclusive data and (backtesting) tools, work together in teams and profit based on the AUM in your algorithms.

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Mercor Environment Demo

A small preview of the Mercor Environment that is being developed.




about mercor
Why Mercor //

Start outperforming the market

Identify and invest in the best performing algorithms
straight away from your Mercor dashboard.

Mercor disrupts financial markets by building a bridge between algorithmic trading and every-day investors worldwide.

Markets in which licenses and data are inherent to a competitive edge, large institutional investors are dominant. This dominance is caused by the lack of cooperation between private traders and developers. Here at Mercor, we aim to radically change this dominance, by creating an infrastructure that facilitates this cooperation, aiming to democratize the algorithmic trading market.

Mercor provides its users with the instruments to develop and the possibility to invest in what is known as the black box of trading, algorithmic trading. On the one hand, we supply developers with analytical tools, backtesting capabilities, and exclusive data. On the other hand, we make investing in algorithmic trading publicly accessible, by reducing entry barriers. With the power of the crowd, we create an environment in which no individual is restricted by expensive data or high entry barriers. We are supplying ordinary people with the tools previously only available to a handful of institutions.

We introduce you to the world of Mercor
Mercor will give ordinary traders the opportunity to directly invest in complex algorithms with no intervention of large institutional investors, through an accessible social platform focused on ease of use and education. Mercor aims to connect traders with development teams and their algorithms. Mercor will be accessible on all devices, providing our traders with the ability to profit from previously inaccessible markets.

We believe in the power of creative people, students, and hobbyists to create value with their self-build algorithms. We aim to promote teamwork and the creation of advanced algorithms making use of AI. Mercor will give developers the chance to use our unique development environment called ‘Mercor Environment’. This environment will provide developers with all the tools and computational power necessary to build AI-based algorithms. Creating an interactive and social environment in which thousands of developers can form teams and build together, testing and deploying their creations. The development of these algorithms will be supported by data, tools, and tutorials (Mercor Academy), as well as pre-made functions and API’s. Developers will earn Mercor Tokens (MRCR) based on the success of their algorithm, the total AUM and their personally set commission rate.

The early-stage alpha test phase, with a limited user base has successfully concluded. The Mercor team is currently preparing the platform for widespread beta access. Mercor aims to be an open and accessible platform; this means free access for both developers and investors. Developers will be charged in Mercor Tokens (MRCR) on a monthly basis, based on a combination between computational power used and total trading volume. Traders will be charged competitive trading fees. We will be committed to a fee structure that is fair, straightforward, and as transparent as possible. Both Developers and Traders will also be able to select a tier modelled staking membership.

Token Sale
MRCR Tokens //

Distribution of tokens

  • Token Ticker


  • Total Supply

    100.000.000 MRCR

  • Initial Price (Private Sale A)

    $0,063 = 1 MRCR token

  • Initial Price (Private Sale B)

    $0,098 = 1 MRCR token

  • Initial Price (Public IDO)

    $0,13 = 1 MRCR token



13.000.000 tokens

Public Sale IDO

5.000.000 tokens

Marketing / Partnerships

15.000.000 tokens

Infrastructure / Development

16.000.000 tokens

Legal / Advisors

6.000.000 tokens

Community Rewards

5.000.000 tokens


8.000.000 tokens


7.000.000 tokens

Private Sale Rounds

25.000.000 tokens
Token Sale
Mercor Roadmap //


April 2020

Mercor Founded

Alpha development started

October 2020

Alpha test environment launched

Enclosed alpha environment testing started

February 2021

Name & Concept development

Mercor registered - whitepaper v1 finished

March 2021

Mercor Soft launch

Website, Twitter, Medium launched

May 2021

Public Sale IDO

Launching the Mercor public token sale

Q3 2021

Public Beta release

The Mercor Beta environment will be live to all users

Q4 2021

Mercor launch

The Mercor platform v1.0 will be live to all users

Mercor Partners //

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And we’re just getting started.

Token Utility //

MRCR Token Utility

Mercor Announcement Channel //

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